A long tradition of creating chocolate to highlight special moments and savor life’s simple joys.


A passionate innovation in the ever dynamic cacao venture.

“Culture of Excellence ”

A culture of excellence in creating cacao products of exceptional quality.

Ralfe Gourmet enlivens this chocolate-making tradition incorporating the latest
trends in tablea production: well-fermented and solar-dried beans that are roasted and ground to perfection and molded with utmost care preserving precious antioxidants of cacao – undoubtedly unadulterated; the result, a culinary delight that is 100% cacao… truly tablea and exquisitely Filipino.

  • My Tablea Tale

    My grandmother did not only give me a tablea drink; she taught me how to prepare one.

  • Chocolate Boutique

    The tropical plant plus the fertile caly-loam soil in the Philippines makes a perfect combination for cocoa plant to flourish.

  • Elevating Tablea

    “With these plumps, the gastronomic concoctions are simply endless…”

  • What’s New

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